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The Blonde Beach Babe

It was a sunny, fluffy-cloud afternoon on an idyllic beach in the Caribbean. Sam was chatting up a blonde, fashion-model type girl at a table adjoining a beach snack bar. Her name was Heidi and she was from Vienna. “When … Continue reading

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Shanghai Dart Tournament

At a Shanghai dart tournament, Henry asked a referee about the rounds played by Jack and Jill. “I don’t know exactly how many rounds they played before they left, but they flipped a coin each time to see who would … Continue reading

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The Cube Towers

An eccentric billionaire decided to build two tall pointed towers consisting of a series of stacked cubes. They would serve decorative purposes being placed in parallel at a large futuristic gate in his theme park. The material to be used … Continue reading

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Coin Flipping

Jack and Jill were sitting in the shade of a large tree, relaxing after attending some university lectures. “What about flipping some coins, Jack,” suggested Jill. “Good idea, I have a silver dollar,” offered Jack. “Professor Wiseman suggested a coin … Continue reading

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