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The Three Hats

A billionaire enters a reality show saloon with five bellboy hats, three red and two white. “I need three volunteers to play a game for a million dollars,” he said. “Any takers?” Three men put down their beer mugs immediately … Continue reading

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Three Piles of Coins

Three piles of coins are placed in front of you, which respectively contain 11, 7 and 6 coins. You are to obtain three piles with eight coins each. The rule is that you can only move the same number of … Continue reading

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Age Conundrum

“Can you tell me about the ages of the new caretakers, the Jones family?” asked the math student Lanoo of his teacher Orion. “Yes, I will be happy to. Perhaps you won’t be so pleased,” smiled Orion, “when smoke starts … Continue reading

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Einstein’s Balls

Supposedly Einstein solved this problem in three minutes. It might take you longer. You are given 12 balls and told that one of them has a different weight, whether lighter or heavier. With three weighings using any scale you are … Continue reading

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The Mathematician’s Kids

A mathematician named Albert meets a colleague and says: “Nice to see you again John. How is life?” “I am prosperous, Albert, and happily married with three kids.” “That’s nice. How old are they?” asked Albert. “The product of their … Continue reading

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The Wrong Train

Joe gets up in the morning whenever he wakes up, rubs his eyes, jumps out of bed and runs down to the train station to jump on the first train that arrives to go to work. It is a one-track … Continue reading

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