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At Chez Clouseau’s

On a winter’s evening, two couples, Jack and Jill, Willy and Lola, went to the famous French restaurant Chez Clouseau in New York to delight their taste buds with a three star Michelin cuisine. After entering the plush lobby, they … Continue reading

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Captain Silver’s Treasure

After a great battle with a Spanish treasure fleet, Captain Long John Silver decides to share the booty with his loyal crew. Standing on the aftcastle Captain Silver summons the crew. “Sea dogs,” he booms, “the treasure chest you see … Continue reading

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If you have questions regarding any of the puzzles on this blog, feel free to fill out the attached question form. I may not answer you directly, but will certainly post answers, partial answers or hints. Thank you for your … Continue reading

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Elevens and Twelves

Casino manager Mango is worried about the new dice game “Elevens and Twelves” he invented, as the casino is losing money on it at a rate of about 1%. He fears that casino owner Don Corleone will certainly not be … Continue reading

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The Castle Moat

Sir Lancelot with his squire Jerkin wants to rescue the lovely princess Jennivere, kept prisoner by the Black Knight in his impregnable castle. His obstacle is a rectangular moat full of poisonous dragon fish. Looking about for useful resources, Jerkin … Continue reading

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