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Some Special Numbers

A mathematician walking leisurely down a street on a Sunday afternoon spotted a colleague he had not seen for some time. “Hello Fred, nice to see you. “Likewise, Leonard, I see you are well,” replied Fred, shaking his hand. “Did … Continue reading

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The Illegible Order

On a cool winter’s day, at the famous French restaurant Chez Clouseau in New York, an order was made by phone for an upcoming event to be held later that week by the Bacchus wine club in the cave of … Continue reading

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The Gold Coin Inheritance

The 98-year-old and widowered multi-billionaire Sir Horatio Holmes summoned his two sons, James and Arthur, and his daughter Guinevere, for an inheritance chat at his country estate “The Meadows.” Jeeves, the butler was also present. “Welcome children, I will be … Continue reading

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Blackbeard’s Treasure

A band of pirates arrived on the congenial island La Orchila looking for the treasure of the pirate Blackbeard. They had a rough map of the location stolen from a museum in London. In a well-protected dell with a small … Continue reading

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The Twelve Shields

Twelve captured soldiers were presented to Tamerlane, the Turco-Mongol conqueror, in his palace. “I feel generous today as it is the birthday of my favorite concubine, Lalila, and we have killed enough people this week and built sufficient skull pyramids. … Continue reading

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The Round Table

Jack and Jill were sitting in Banerjee’s Hindu Restaurant at a round table with seven persons, enjoying a delicious chicken tikki masala with spicy papadums and a fine wine, when the owner, a Mr. Banerjee, approached them with a wide … Continue reading

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The Quiz Show

At a televised quiz show, the contestant who is standing on a platform is told to choose between two elevator doors facing him. One of the doors would lead to a wonderful prize, the other to an onerous task. In … Continue reading

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Book Shopping

Two fathers, Rocky and Max went with their sons Sandy and Beaver to a large bookstore to buy some books for their libraries. Each family bought a total of $65 in books. For each person, the number of books bought … Continue reading

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