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Shanghai Dart Tournament

At a Shanghai dart tournament, Henry asked a referee about the rounds played by Jack and Jill. “I don’t know exactly how many rounds they played before they left, but they flipped a coin each time to see who would … Continue reading

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The Cube Towers

An eccentric billionaire decided to build two tall pointed towers consisting of a series of stacked cubes. They would serve decorative purposes being placed in parallel at a large futuristic gate in his theme park. The material to be used … Continue reading

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Relative Primes

“Master, what are relative primes,” asked Lanoo. “Lanoo, they are two integers that cannot be divided by any one prime number. The only common divisor of the two numbers is 1,” replied the Master. “Does that mean that if I … Continue reading

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The Crooked Minter

King Midas suspected that his minter of gold coins, Horatio, was stealing from the mint by inserting false coins. As he had 1000 boxes, each containing 100 coins, ready for shipment to King Neptune to pay for construction of some … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Flavors

John was out with his three children, when Albert, the youngest, spotted “Guiseppe’s Italian Ice Cream Parlor.” “Daddy, I want an ice cream,” whooped Albert, pulling his dad towards the ice cream shop with great enthusiasm and force. “Yes, so … Continue reading

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Coin Flipping

Jack and Jill were sitting in the shade of a large tree, relaxing after attending some university lectures. “What about flipping some coins, Jack,” suggested Jill. “Good idea, I have a silver dollar,” offered Jack. “Professor Wiseman suggested a coin … Continue reading

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