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An Age Conundrum

On an snowy Sunday afternoon, Friedrich was walking down an icy street deep in thought when he bumped into his mathematician colleague Leonard. “Hi Leonard, nice to see you again,” mumbled Friedrich absent-mindedly, his breath emanating from his nostrils as … Continue reading

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The Blind Mice

“Hi Jack, how are things.” Jill sat down at the café table where Jack was enjoying a cup of coffee and eating a croissant as an afternoon snack to relax after university classes. “Fine, Jill, but feeling a bit weird,” … Continue reading

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The Camel Caravan

Abdullah was sitting in the shade of a palm tree in a desert oasis, desperate and worn out after walking over sand dunes the whole day since his camel had died from drinking poisoned water. Abdullah had reluctantly been on … Continue reading

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The Blonde Beach Babe

It was a sunny, fluffy-cloud afternoon on an idyllic beach in the Caribbean. Sam was chatting up a blonde, fashion-model type girl at a table adjoining a beach snack bar. Her name was Heidi and she was from Vienna. “When … Continue reading

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