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The Seating Arrangement

A dating club arranges meetings at concerts for its members. The club will buy a certain number of random adjacent concert seats for some male and female members. If a man sits next to a woman, the club considers this … Continue reading

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A Medieval Tournament

Lord Highcastle of the Moors was holding a tournament in which the first event would be jousting between the three knights Godfrey, Hotspur and the Black Knight. The winner of this event would receive the hand of Lady Marion and … Continue reading

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The Special Number

On a late June afternoon, Jill sat on the green grass by a small lake at the university with a concentrated look on her face. Some ducks were quacking nearby. “Hi Jill, I see you are thinking about something, anything important?” … Continue reading

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The Square Armies

Emperor Manos was standing outside his tent on a hill overlooking his vast army camped in tents in the square formation normally used in battle. General Pathos and a Royal Guard were with the Emperor, as was his sorcerer Morgan. … Continue reading

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