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Captain John’s Boat

Captain John has a boat with a crew consisting of his family: his wife Jeannie, sons Jack and Marvin, daughters Mary and Molly, and Troi the parrot. Captain John is very proud of his boat, especially its length in feet, … Continue reading

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The Speedy Pigeon

“Hurry, hurry, try your luck, folks. Get lucky and win a thousand dollars with one shot,” shouted the hawker at full lung power to announce the new game stand at the Jolly Woods Amusement Park. People flocked to the stand … Continue reading

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The Curious Amount

Accountant Seymour Smythe III was about to enter a shopping mall with some money in his pocket. As was his custom before entering any mall, he scribbled the amount of money in his pocket into a small black notebook he … Continue reading

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The Special Coins

During a cold and crisp January afternoon with azure blue skies setting off peaked snow-capped mountains, Jack and Jill were enjoying a skiing holiday at a resort in the Bavarian Alps. They were busy checking out Dr. Feynstein’s souvenir shop. … Continue reading

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