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The Christmas Gifts

Fred and Mary were trying to work out how to give five gifts to their three boys for Christmas. The kids, Henry, Mark and Joe, had told them they wanted to receive gifts more or less at random this year … Continue reading

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The Pirate Gold

A crew of pirates robbed a Spanish galleon off the coast of Crooked Island. Among the booty they found a chest full of gold coins. The captain was killed during the battle, so to ensure a fair share the crew … Continue reading

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The Die Game

Jerry and Slick were sitting at a bar drinking beer and watching a championship football game being televised on the huge wall screen, a bowl of peanuts close at hand. “Hey Jerry, want to play a game?” said Slick, taking … Continue reading

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The Family Ages

Jack asked Fred “How old are your family members?” “Ten years ago my father was twice my age and my mother’s age was a perfect number,” said Fred. “That helps with your mother’s age, but I need more information about … Continue reading

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