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Playing “Dragon Slayer”

Iggy was playing “Dragon Slayer” on the screen. On his quest for the Holy Grail, Sir Lancelot mounted on his white charger was nearing the bridge of the Grand Dragon who posed a riddle, and the eerie scream of the … Continue reading

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The Winning Seats

The McDuffy Travel Agency was offering special prizes for vacationers to improve its turnover. The advertising stated that the prizes would be determined on the airport bus. One day there were fifteen vacationers going to the Caribbean island of Buena … Continue reading

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The Multilevel Town

Some years ago, there was a town called Blarneystone with a population of 25,000, whose mayor Seamus O’Shaugnessy instituted an identification system for the inhabitants that was based on their initials. Residents might have from one to three given names, … Continue reading

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The Couple’s Ages

“How old are you and your wife, Capt. Haddock?” asked the insurance man. “When we were married 18 years ago I was thrice as old as Julia. Now I am twice her age,” said Capt. Haddock. “Hmm…“ The insurance man … Continue reading

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