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The Same Sun Sign

“Jack, I’ll be taking a course in Astrology soon,” said Jill. “That’s nice,” said Jack, “How many people will be on the course?” “Twenty-five or so, I was told,” said Jill. “How many people do you think will be Geminis, … Continue reading

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The Deck Split

At the Royal Flush card club one evening, there was a lively discussion among its members about splitting a deck of cards into two equal piles after a thorough shuffle, in which, respectively, there would be exactly ten red cards … Continue reading

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The Date Lineup

Wilbur went to a dating club one Saturday evening to pick up a date for dinner. As he entered The Quick Date Club, he saw what he wanted: a tall brunette with a shapely figure. She had the name Alice … Continue reading

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The Threes Puzzle

“Daddy, I’d like to have the little red bicycle you see in the shop window over there,” Lenny said pointing, as they were taking a walk along the avenue. “Sure, Lenny,” said daddy, “If you can solve a little puzzle, … Continue reading

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