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Rumor Spreading

“Welcome to a special promotional event sponsored by ACME Innovations Inc.,” said PR Jane Doe, speaking enthusiastically into a microphone to a hundred guests gathered in a large salon. “ACME Innovation Inc. has developed a special velcro sticker which has … Continue reading

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The Venus Statue

“I wonder where the entrance to the sub cellar is?” said Dr. Arbuthnot Smythe, looking around the vast basement. “What a beautiful statue of Venus, look there between the two pillars at the far end wall,” exclaimed Dr. Smythe, as … Continue reading

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The Parked Cars

“Looks pretty suspicious to me, Molly,” growled Sam Diamond, peering out of the window at the parking lot below through two slats he held apart in the blinds. “What do you mean, suspicious?” asked Molly with a worried tone. She … Continue reading

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The Cinema Queue

One rainy Saturday evening some years ago in lower Manhattan, Jane, a ticket girl, rushed into the  booth of the Roxy movie theatre to prepare things for the night shift. As usual, Eusebio, the evening shift ticket seller, had left … Continue reading

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