The Sheikh’s Inheritance

Sheikh Ali ben Sharif ibn Baba’s reign was passing through turbulent times, so he decided to make a will.

The Sheikh felt that he might soon move on to happier spheres and wanted to divide his wealth among his living sons. Sheikh Ali ben Sharif ibn Baba had many wives, properties, houses, tents, camels, goats and great wealth.

“Mustafa, in addition to the oldest one inheriting my title and goods, I want to give an equal monetary sum to all my living sons after I pass away,” he instructed his trusted right-hand man, who wore a red fez with tassels.

“You will divide 275 million dollars among them equally, but only with my living sons. The shares of those who are no longer alive will be available equally for my living sons. The former will have joined me in my heavenly kingdom and won’t need any more dollars.”

“Your wish is my command, master,” replied Mustafa, the loyal servant, bowing reverently.

Some time later, Sheikh Ali ben Sharif ibn Baba passed away to his heavenly abode and Mustafa got busy carrying out the instructions of his master’s will.

After all accounts were settled, it turned out that each surviving son received 14 million dollars more than he would have received if all of Sheikh Ali ben Sharif ibn Baba’s sons at the time of making the will had been alive.

The surviving sons were overjoyed at their good fortune. Mustafa was happy to have fulfilled his master’s wishes and started his duties with the new Sheikh, Abdullah.

How many sons did Sheikh Ali ben Sharif ibn Baba have at the time of making his will, and how many survived him?

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