The Magic Square Age

“Nice to see you, Benny,” said Sam, tipping his hat on meeting his fellow mathematician while ambling down the main avenue of Summerville.

“Likewise, Sam, how’s life?” said Benny, tipping his hat in response.

“Just fine, all normal – well, my great uncle Bartholomew passed away,” said Sam.

“Really, how old was he?” asked Benny.

“Interesting you should ask, Benny. As a matter of fact, my great uncle Bartholomew was as old as the seed number in a quadruple magic square whose center kernel adds up to 470,” said Sam.

“Really!! That old,” said Benny.

“He was a tough old codger, born in the year of the sum of the square. Well, it was nice seeing you again,” said Sam, tipping his hat and walking on.

“He certainly was, spanning over two centuries. Look forward to seeing you another time, Sam,” said Benny and continued ambling down the main avenue of Summerville, after tipping his hat in parting.

How old would you say Sam’s great uncle Bartholomew was, and in what year would you say he was born?

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