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The Bookstore Shelf

Harry was busy arranging books on a book shelf at the Wide Horizons Book Shop. Harry was positioning two copies of Inferno,  three copies of The Da Vinci Code and four of Origin. A little boy stood there watching Harry. … Continue reading

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Six Colored Balls

“Daddy, what are these six colored balls for?” “Well, son, you’ll notice that three of them are red, two blue and one is green. The red balls all have the number one printed on them, the blue balls all have … Continue reading

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The Date Lineup

Wilbur went to a dating club one Saturday evening to pick up a date for dinner. As he entered The Quick Date Club, he saw what he wanted: a tall brunette with a shapely figure. She had the name Alice … Continue reading

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At Chez Clouseau’s

On a winter’s evening, two couples, Jack and Jill, Willy and Lola, went to the famous French restaurant Chez Clouseau in New York to delight their taste buds with a three star Michelin cuisine. After entering the plush lobby, they … Continue reading

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