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The Army Sizes

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

The generals Chi Wong and Chow Loo were having a discussion one day on the top of a hill overlooking the plains of their respective army camps.

“My army is bigger than yours,” said general Chi Wong to general Chow Loo. “I’ll wager my best concubine on it.”

“Wager likewise accepted,” said general Chow Loo. The generals decided to verify the facts of the matter and called in their major generals Soo Flick and Boo Mung to settle the issue.

“Soo Flick, arrange my army in a square below on the plain so you can more easily determine the number of men in my army,” commanded General Chi Wong.

Major general Soo Flick ran off to comply with the order, and major general Boo Mung ran off to carry out the same command issued by general Chow Loo.

The following day the armies were arrayed in square formation on the plain below and major generals Soo Flick and Boo Mung returned to report the result.

“Honorable generals Chi Wong and Chow Loo, we have determined that general Chow Loo has 3,011 more men than there are in general Chi Wong’s army,” reported major generals Soo Flick and Boo Mung.

“What a surprise! But I’ll win Li Mai back on the next bet,” said general Chi Wong confidently.

Can you work out how many men there were in the armies of the generals?

Farmer Couples Out Shopping

Saturday, January 28th, 2017

In a late autumn afternoon, Jill was sitting under a tree on a campus hill looking despondent,  elbows on her knees and hands holding up her head. Sunlight was fading while yellowish and brown leaves floated erratically down from trees.

Distracted, she did not notice that Jack was approaching from below.

“Hi Jill, you look unhappy,” said Jack. “Want to tell me about it?” He sat nimbly down beside her.

“I think my math professor, Mr. Torquemada, doesn’t like me,” moaned Jill. “He gave me an assignment I have to turn in tomorrow and explain in class, and I can’t figure out head or tails of the problem,” she said shaking her head with a forlorn expression on her face.

“Why don’t you explain the problem to me, maybe I can think of something,” offered Jack with a sympathetic smile, placing his hand lightly on her back.

Jill sighed deeply. “Ok, Jack, here goes:”

“Eight young couples went to the Texas Combo Farm Equipment and Livestock Market to make purchases for the farms they were establishing to form an ecological farming enclave.

The husbands’ names were Henry, Archie, Guiseppe, Pavel, Heinz, Juan, Erik and Shu Wu. The names of their wives were Elfrida, Gunnhilde, Lola, Mary, Teresa, Sally, Jasmine and Lulu.

They all bought the same number of an item as the price of the item in dollars.

It turned out that, respectively, all of the husbands spent 945 dollars more than their wives.

Guiseppe bought 35 more chickens than Lola. Pavel spent 2673 dollars more than Elfrida. Erik bought 95 more pigs than Lulu. Henry spent about one fifth as much as Heinz. Juan bought just about twice as many cows as Sally. Jasmine bought more items than any of the other wives. Mary bought thrice the number of seed bags as Lola. Erik spent about three times as much as Gunnhilde, and relatively a little bit more than Teresa.

 How much did Shu Wu spend, and what was the name of his wife?”

“What a muddle, Jill. What did you do to upset him?”

“Professor Torquemada invited me to a friendly Saturday night dance at his fraternity’s house, where he is a supervisor, and I turned him down, somewhat abruptly I’m afraid,“ explained Jill.

“Oh, I see,” replied Jack, suppressing a laugh.

“Jill, I am taking a course in computer programming and figure that this is an easy problem to solve with a few lines of code,” said Jack encouragingly.

“Please  help me with this, Jack,” pleaded Jill. “I would naturally compensate you somehow,” offering a demure smile.

“Deal,” said Jack. “Come with me. I know a place where we can write some code. I think a double loop will do the job,” he added.

“What’s a double loop?” wondered Jill.

“I’ll show you later.”

Jill jumped up, gathered her books and followed Jack down the hill.