Friends, welcome to my Intriguing Puzzles blog!!

My intention in writing this blog is to present intriguing puzzles that will lead you into the wonderful world of the mind and stimulate further development of its extensive capacity to solve problems.

Hope you will enjoy the puzzles and give it your best before pursuing other avenues for solutions, such as friends and colleagues who share a similar interest, net searches and textbooks.

After struggling with a puzzle without success, you can either put it on the back burner, if you like, or purchase Intriguing Puzzles Book 1 where you will find solutions worked out in detail.

Click here to see which of the puzzles already presented on this blog that are included in Intriguing Puzzles Book 1: 50 puzzles.

Intriguing Puzzles Book 1 also contains an Appendix with mathematical information and procedures you might need to solve the puzzles.

Intriguing Puzzles Book 2 is being written and will be published in the near future.

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