Contents of Intriguing Puzzles Book 1

Intriguing Puzzles Book 1, by Kjetill Oftedal

There are 50 fascinating puzzles with complete solutions and an Appendix with mathematical information and procedures you may need to solve the puzzles.

Puzzle contents in alphabetical order:

A Barrel of Beer
A Mayan Pyramid Race
A Medieval Tournament
A Sack of Figs
Age Conundrum
An Age Puzzle
Blackbeard’s Treasure
Captain John’s Boat
Einsteins’ Balls
Farmer Couples Out Shopping
King Arthur’s Puzzle
New Year Rocket Firing
Playing Dragon Slayer
Some Special Numbers
Thd Camel Caravan
The 1001 Arabian Nights
The Backward Check
The Blonde Beach Babe
The Camel Inheritance
The Cannonball Pyramids
The Cereal Boxes
The Curious Amount
The Deer Hunt
The Economics Problem
The Egg Dozens
The First Ace
The Four Aces
The Four Blind Mice
The Future Life
The Gold Coin Inheritance
The Illegible Order
The Mayan Gate
The Missing Diagonal
The Pentagon Estate
The Personnel Assignment
The Pirate Gold
The Pirate Tombstone
The Reversed Check
The Riddle of the Dragon
The Roxy Theater
The Sheikh’s Inheritance
The Special Coins
The Special Number
The Speedy Pigeon
The Strange Number Pair
The Twin Birth Rate
The Wine Cargo
The Wine Purchase
The Winning Seats
Walking the Plank

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