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The Broken Glasses

At Danny’s Beach Bar run by Danny McDoogle at a popular Andalusian beach, there were five waiters who would take turns washing glasses used by customers. One day there were five broken glasses, four of them caused by one of … Continue reading

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The Boring Homework

“Daddy, give me an interesting problem to think about. I’m bored with these homework problems, they’re all too easy,” said Junior laying down his pen on his notebook in disgust. “I’ll give you one Euler offered to his pupils,” said … Continue reading

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The Fruit Basket

One sunny afternoon, Mrs. Cuddleworthy was sitting in the shade of a tree on a small hill in the Rolling Hills Village Park observing children play below her. She had a basket of fruits which contained four apples, three oranges, … Continue reading

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The Wine Purchase

Mr. Jones and Mr. Barnsworth went to purchase some bottles of wine for their employer, Acme Wine Depot. They went to Dufour Wineries Inc., as they had heard boasts of a fine selection of French wines there. Mr. Jones and … Continue reading

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