The Swimming Pools

One sunny Saturday afternoon, Melvyn, Sam and Bart were sitting around a parasol table enjoying some drinks by the swimming pool at the Sasquatch Hills country club, discussing the merits of their own swimming pool pumps.

“I know we all have the same pool size, as it was installed by my cousin Harvey’s company, ACME Pool Heaven, Inc. Let me tell you, guys, my pump can fill the pool in just thirty minutes,” said Melvyn enthusiastically.

“You must have gotten the cheap pump version, Melvyn, mine can do it in twenty minutes,” said Sam, gurgling down a large swig of beer.

“Since mine does it in in ten minutes, you both obviously don’t have the Tiger Turbo Pump,” said Bart, stroking his Van Dyke while eyeing nubile pool fauna.

“Hey guys, how long do you figure it would take to fill your pool if all three pumps were used,” said Molly, the summer-job waitress, who had overheard the conversation while serving their Mega Burger Specials.

Melvyn, Sam and Bart were left nonplussed as Molly walked off, considering whether they would give her a tip or not.

How long would you say it would take to fill the pool with all three pumps filling at the same time?

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