Ken's blog temporarily suspended

Ken’s blog is temporarily suspended as of 7 September, 2020 while the author is working on Intriguing Puzzles Book 2.

A new version of Ken's blog is in the conception stage.

Thank you all – the more than ten thousand of you – for the interest shown during the years Ken’s blog has been in operation.

Meanwhile, take the opportunity to buy Intriguing Puzzles Book 1 from Amazonhere.

Intriguing Puzzles Book 1 contains 50 puzzles selected from the many found on this blog and includes complete solutions and the mathematics needed to solve them.

The book is divided into four sections: Puzzles, Hints, Solutions and an Appendix with mathematical information and procedures.

If you have wondered about the solution to a puzzle on Ken's blog, you might discover it in Intriguing Puzzles Book 1.

You can also buy Intriguing Puzzles Book 1here.