The Inadequate Beggar Fund

Sister Mellifluous of the Order of the Shining Light at the Beneficence Mission in Bengalore was unhappy.

That day many beggars had appeared with outstretched arms, and she had only been able to give them seven rupees each. To be fair, she always gave the same amount to each beggar.

At the end of the day, Sister Mellifluous had 24 rupees left in her alms fund.

Sister Mellifluous worked out that with 32 rupees more in her alms fund she could have given each beggar nine rupees instead of just seven rupees.

So Sister Mellifluous of the Order of the Shining Light decided to write a letter to Bishop Franciscus Cornucopius, who was always very generous, requesting 32 more rupees for the alms fund.

Then Sister Mellifluous with great satisfaction rode 10 miles on her donkey Bonifacius to deliver the letter to the Bengalore post office.

How many beggars came that day to the Beneficence Mission in Bengalore, and how much would Sister Mellifluous have needed in her alms fund to give them nine rupees each?

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