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Gifts of the Wild Weed Band

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

The Wild Weed Band had just completed its concert on a fine day in August and was reaping enthusiastic and noisy applause from the five thousand fans extending far beyond the band stage.

“As it’s my birthday today, I feel generous,” shouted the band’s singer Magno Solo jubilantly.

“All of you who have your birthday today are invited to come up here with your concert ticket and receive a 5,000 dollar check as a token of my great appreciation of my fans,” Magno Solo held his glittering arms out in a welcoming gesture.

Rapidly a group of people with smiling anticipative faces materialized on the stage.

Bongo King, the drummer, stood ready with a bundle of checks, handing them out one by one to the overjoyed people in the group. He gave each one a big hug and a flower.

“For an additional special prize of 20,000 dollars, give your ticket to our guitarist Marco, who will convert your ticket number to a day of the month number with his little calculator. You’ll win if your number converts to today’s date,” exclaimed Magno Solo with a regal bow.

The group on the stage rushed to Marco, who checked each ticket and converted the ticket number to a day of the month number, announcing any winner with a fanfare from the band.

The concert ended with enraptured winners loudly singing the song “For he’s a jolly good fellow,“ accompanied by the Wild Weed Band to appreciative shouts and whistles from the audience.


About how many persons had the same birthday as Magno Solo?

How many persons do you think won the final prize of 20,000 dollars?


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